About me

  • PhD in Systems and Computer Engineering from Carleton University
  • Special expertise in teaching and implementing Real-time systems and C/C++ programming, as well as wireless communications
  • Special expertise in developing new courses, such as OSS3009 (Project Management) and revising existing courses, such as Real-Time Systems: developed the same course twice in one year once with ARM microcontroller and once more with AVR microcontroller (Arduino) to accommodate the pandemic situation and eliminate the need for the School to mail the boards to students
  • 15+ years of teaching and academic experience in Canada, the US, and the Middle East, with innovative and inclusive approach to teaching
  • Taught undergraduate courses in all programs of the School of Information Technology as well as a graduate course in the Infrastructure Protection and International Security program
  • Proficient in various programming languages and understanding of Low-Level programming
  • Demonstrated skills in organizing workflow from brainstorming sessions to full implementation in different projects
  • Capable of managing TAs, supervising industrial and student project, and supervising graduate students
  • Experience with developing in a Visual Studio/Windows environment as well as a Linux/Server environment

Research Interest:

  • Project Management applications in IT
  • Cybersecurity applications
  • Public Safety Wireless applications
  • LTE networks applications
  • Wireless applications in autonomous vehicles and in transportation management and safety

Degrees: Ph.D., MSc., MEng., BSc.

E-mail: Rami.Sabouni@carleton.ca

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rami-sabouni/

Office: Minto Case, Room 4032

Some exercises that were used in OSS3001/NET3001 course during Winter 2020

Samples of Class Exercises