About me


  • PhD in Systems and Computer Engineering from Carleton University.
  • Special expertise in teaching and implementing Real-time systems, C/C++ programming, Java as well as Web development.
  • Special expertise in developing new courses, such as Project Management, and Computer Systems Foundations and revising existing courses, such as Real-Time Systems: developed the same course twice in one year once with ARM microcontroller and once more with AVR microcontroller (Arduino), and, Web Development: revised and updated the course material to include latest web development technologies/tools.
  • 15+ years of teaching and academic experience in Canada, the US, and the Middle East, with innovative and inclusive approach to teaching.
  • Taught undergraduate courses in all levels of undergraduate as well as a graduate courses.
  • Proficient in various programming languages and understanding of Low-Level programming
  • Demonstrated skills in organizing workflow from brainstorming sessions to full implementation in different projects
  • Capable of managing TAs, supervising industrial and student project, and supervising graduate students
  • Experience with developing in a Visual Studio/Windows environment as well as a Linux/Server environment

Research Interest:

  • Gamification of learning for teaching programming languages at different university levels.
  • Project Management applications in IT
  • Cybersecurity applications
  • Public Safety Wireless applications
  • LTE networks applications
  • Wireless applications in autonomous vehicles and in transportation management and safety

Degrees: Ph.D., MSc., MEng., BSc.

E-mail: Rami.Sabouni@carleton.ca

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rami-sabouni/

Office: Mackenzie Building, Room 4239

Some exercises that were used in OSS3001/NET3001 course during Winter 2020

Samples of Class Exercises